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    Add:Xinhua industrial zone, Dezhou, Shandong, China
    Tel:0086 534-2267222
    Fax:0086 534 2600999
    E-mail: sales@ltchem.cn
    About Us

    Dezhou Longteng Chemical Co., Ltd. is the only specialized manufacture of solid/liquid Sodium methoxide,solid/liquid Sodium ethoxide,solid/liquid sodium tert butoxide,solid/liquid potassium methoxide,solid/liquid potassium tert butoxide,solid/liquid magnesium methoxide,solid/liquid magnesium ethoxide and solid magnesium tert butoxide in China.

    Researched by Researcher of CAS, these products now have got lots of honors, such as Genevese patent golden award in 2002, London patent golden award in 2003, certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality system and technical authenticated registration of China. Moreover, our "Yulong" Chemicals have been highly welcomed and appraised by our customers around the world. 

    There are leading equipment and latest producing method insides Longteng now, we are producing quality product through strict QC system; and we are striving for your satisfactions by providing excellent service.

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